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A custom plastic extrusion, available in lengths up-to 14', shrouds the display modules for mounting to a carousel, VLM, or other structure.  A red transparent cover strip caps the display modules to produce a brilliant display strip as shown in the photo on the left.

Robey Controls offers a TiC that can be used in many applications, including:

Vertical Carousels: As shown to the left, it can be used on Vertical Carousels to indicate the active picking location.

Vertical Lift Modules. We offer the TiC display module for use on Vertical Lift Modules.

Horizontal Carousel Pick Towers: We offer a version of the TiC displays for our PiLoT (Pick Light Tower).

Horizontal Carousels Batch Stations: We offer a version of the TiC displays for batch stations.

What Is a TiC?

A ‘TiC’ (Transaction Information Center) is made up of electronic modules of bright red LED dot-matrix displays. The modules are available in several sizes, and can be stacked together to create a contiguous display strip of various widths.  This allows the displays to be used in applications as narrow as 7.5" for such appliciations as our PiLoTs (Pick Light Towers) for Horizontal Carousels, or as lane displays for batch stations.  

When applied to Vertical storage devices, such as Vertical Carousels or Vertical Lift Modules, they are traditionally stacked together and delivered in common strip sizes of 8', 9', 10' and so on. For use on static racking, the strips can be cascaded together to support up-to 120' in one contiguous module. By combining the various available module widths of 7.5, 11, and 16", a message center strip width can be defined down to the special width required for all the various options in the field.

The TiC is managed by an Ethernet based controller with a built-in web-server.  A single 24Vdc power supply delivers the necessary power requirements for the entire system. CAT5 style cable is used for easy plug&play installations.  The system is capable of displaying its standard built-in character font or any special graphic characters for custom logo displays and many other uses. ​

TiC Light Technology