Kardex Remstar® is a wholly owned trademark of Kardex AG of Switzerland. Robey Controls does not own or make any claims to owning the trademark.

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Robey Controls is a product development company specializing in Vertical and Horizontal Carousel machine controllers, and a suite of supporting peripherals such as inventory management software and pick-to-light technology. 

Our flagship products include a family of controller upgrade kits for Remstar Vertical and Horizontal Carousels. A Part Locator software package is also available, providing the ability to convert manually driven Carousels and VLMs over to a database management system at a relatively low cost. We also offer expert repair and specialized spare parts for Kardex Remstar brand equipment. 

Tim Robey is the former VP of Technology for Kardex Remstar®, a 26-year veteran when leaving the company in 2010. With his 30+ years of experience with Kardex Remstar machine controllers and new product development, we are confident that you will be pleased with our products and look forward to working with you on your next project.