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​Blue Ocean Storage Systems 
Horizontal Carousels.

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  • Common framework, allows the same backbone to support all carousel variations. Our costs are lower due to volume purchasing, and the service strategy is simplified. 
  • Modular design, allows us to stock sections of the framework and kit them together according to the order parameters.  That gives us the ability to ship order in as little as two days. 
  • Belt driven design, allows smooth and quiet operation and the ability to offer mixed carrier widths on the same carousel. 
  • Mixed carrier widths, allows you to select the desired carrier sizes to accommodate your product. With BOSS carousels, you are not restricted to the same carrier width throughout the whole carousel. By mixing the carrier widths and shelf spacing, you create exactly what you need and often can reduce the number of carousels required for the application. 
  • Independent belt tension adjustment, allows us to tension the belt system without needing to splice in physical expansion components to the tracking system.  Maintenance is quick & easy! 
  • Stackable design, allows our carousels to be stacked on top of one another. The interlocking design gets stronger as it is stacked, and is standard with all of our carousels.  No need to pay extra money for a stackable unit configuration. 
  • 9-point adjustable shelving, allows you to install each shelf level at up-to nine different tilt levels. Either use the positive angles of +3/+6/+9/+12°, or turn the shelf over and you get a front retaining lip and the ability for a negative angle mount of -3/-6/-9/-12°. 
  • Wide footprint, allows our carousels to be installed in seismic zones typically unreachable by the leading suppliers. 
  • Online ordering, allows us to deliver common carousel sizes and configurations directly to you. Most orders will be processed within one week from order. See: 
  • Low-cost, allows you to buy carousels at a fraction of the normal retail costs. In some cases, our carousels cost less than half that of the leading suppliers!  Consider us over buying used carousels, as we can usually deliver carousels with your carrier count and size requirements from stock.
  • RobeyControls, allows the carousels to be driven by our award winning controller packages. State-of-the art color touch-panels are available, as well as PC-based HMI and Inventory Management solutions. Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) provide smooth operation during run, and the latest design safety design standards are incorporated. 
  • Lighting technology, allows us to provide you with complete systems for your application, including our PiLoT (Pick Light Towers), AutoPiLoT® (Automatic Pick Light Tower), and lane-displays for batch-station work tables.

These new carousels offer industry-first innovations not available from any other supplier, including:

Horizontal Carousels