Pick Lights


The AutoPiLoT is an Automatic Position Light Tower, that provides support for a virtually unlimited number of shelf levels on the adjacent horizontal carousel carriers.  The 2x20 display is driven up and down by a state-of-the-art stepper motor and linear slide, and is positioned directly beside the appropriate pick shelf showing various transaction information. This tower is generally installed between two carousels, supporting either side by < or > indications on the message display.

This new technology allows the carousel's shelf levels to be adjusted after the initial installation, by the customer, without needing to add or reposition fixed mounted pick lights on traditional pick light towers.  


Our PiLoT (Pick Light Tower) is intended for use with Horizontal Carousels. This modern design uses an extruded aluminum framework, TiC display modules, and can be factory assembled in various heights and display quanitities to support most any application. 

AND 2x20

Robey Controls offers a number of options for display technology, including this 2 line by 20 character AND (AlphaNumeric Display).  This LED message center display (shown to the left) can be used in many applications.  Our control technology accepts this display as a standard interface option in all configurations for use with Horizontal or Vertical carousels.

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