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Controller Upgrades​​

Complete customized component kits are available

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Finally, a drop-in control board to upgrade the obsolete PCB's in Remstar Vertical Carousels

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RCX is a drop-in control upgrade kit for Remstar vertical carousels. The system includes a PLC based machine interface board with pin-compatible connections to the existing control panel cables and components. Several options are available, including color touch-panels, barcode scanners, smart-phone interfaces and more!

Conversions are fast and easy and usually only take about one hour!  Your own maintenance department can handle the installation, no need to hire an expensive Remstar Tech!

Do you have Vertical or Horizontal Carousels in your facility?

Are you having trouble getting parts or service for the old controls?

Are you considering buying a used carousel, but are concerned about the obsolete controller?
Are you worried about safety, are the controls out of date with respect to the latest safety codes from ANSI and OSHA?

If the carousels were manufactured prior to 2005, the answer is likely yes!

 If you answered 'yes' to any of the questions above, Robey Controls can help!

In this case, consider upgrading the controllers. Many things have changed with the ANSI and OSHA employee safety standards in this area over recent years. Our carousel controls are up-to-date with the latest applicable Standards and in most cases can be factory labeled with UL and cUL labels.

  • Vertical Carousels: Our controller upgrade kits are custom designed especially for the Kardex Remstar brand Vertical Carousels supporting all generations since 1982.  This includes the MP, T85, T88, C2000, and C3000 controllers and the MP3000, T2, T3, TR, OP2000 and OP3000 keypads. Click here to download our Vertical Carousel upgrade kit questionaire for a price quote. ​​
    • FULL UPGRADE: This kit usually requires about 1 day for conversion.  All parts except the motor and photocells are replaced.  The interlock switches are usually upgraded to a more modern safety rated style. The safety circuit is completely upgraded. These kits are often custom-built but we do stock some basic versions for standard machine types. 
    • PARTIAL UPGRADE: This kit consists of the RCX base and usually requires about 1 hour for conversion.  Upgrades can be accomplished by the end-user's maintenance technician. This is the lowest cost solution and it replaces the OEM's main control parts like GS44, GS45, GS46, GS47, GS50, GS61, GS62, GS81, GS87, GS90, GS91, GS191, GS140 and GS160, and re-uses many of the original parts.  Minimal changes to the machine's safety circuit are provided, although options are available. These kits are usually in-stock for immediate delivery.
  • Horizontal Carousels: Our controller upgrade kits are easily installed on most brands of Horizontal Carousels, including Raymond, Kardex Remstar®, Saratoga, White, Richards Wilcox, Diamond Phoenix, and others. Click here to download our Horizontal Carousel upgrade kit questionaire for a price quote. 

  • Our control technology was designed in 2010 according to the latest Safety regulations from OSHA, NEC, NFPA79, ANSI and UL. Our chief designer has over 25 years experience with carousel controllers, as the former VP-Technology of Kardex Remstar, and holds a valid State-of-Maine Electrician's license.

  • Most parts in our controllers are available off-the-shelf, and we provide the domestic supplier parts list so that you can purchase your own parts directly if you wish, avoiding the enormous mark-ups typically added by the leading suppliers.

  • Our interfaces are OPEN using modern Ethernet TCP/ip protocols.  

  • We can emulate the brand-specific interfaces from Kardex Remstar (eg MP3000, T2, T3, T85, T88, C2000, C3000), so that you won’t need to change your inventory management software package if you upgrade to our controllers. We offer a 1:1 matching connector board for easy plug&play connection. 

  • We offer a low-cost, Part-Locator application for use on Windows based PC’s.  This allows you to find Part Numbers within up-to four devices, whether they are controlled by Robey Controls or Kardex Remstar brand controllers. We support all the host interface protocols for the Kardex Remstar brand of controllers, and if your interface hardware to these controllers is defective or unavailable, we may have an alternate solution for you, just ask. 

  • Purchasing costs are usually much lower than that of the leading supplier, and the product quality is much higher!  

  • Installations are usually accomplished in a single day per carousel.  

  • Our kits include properly sized mechanical components to ensure the correct fit on all the Kardex Remstar brand carousels.  

  • We can remotely connect to our machine controllers, over the internet, for debugging, training or tech-support efforts. We’ve even got an app for remote diagnostics allowing us to provide support via our iPhones when we’re away from our office, and we can show your maintenance department how to do the same!  

  • Your cost-of-ownership is very low and your product up-time is very high. You control your own priorities! 

  • Your employees will be safer and OSHA will stay off your back. 

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