PartPic is an inventory control software package with standard interface drivers to Kardex Remstar brand carousels and Vertical Lift Modules. This easy-to-use Part-Locator software application runs on standard Windows based computers, and is built on a MS-Access database platform. It offers Part Number and Description reference fields, and provides multiple storage locations for each part that can be spread across multiple carousels and/or Vertical Lift Modules. Each part record can have multiple part images associated with it for easy part selection, and a common networked database supports multiple users in workstation zones.  User access control is available as an optional feature allowing you to restrict access to the inventory to certain authorized users, and manage non-consumable items such as tooling.  This is an excellent option for use with the Kardex Remstar controlled access Sentinel® system, or for other systems where tracking of tooling in and out of storage is required.  A Part Number server is available now for use with our OP7 keypad, allowing the operator to request parts directly on the machine's operator interface.

OPC is an Operator Panel application for the PC.  It allows a PC to control the machine manually via the on-screen keypad, or automatically via an optional host computer interface.  This allows users to manage the carousels and VLM's using our open interface protocol. We have several options for the physical connection to the machines, and support all Remstar brand interface protocols. This flexible keyboard also allows a memory queue of move commands to be input, so that the operator can load transactions all at once and then easily retrieve them by a simple button click. Push MR four times and four carousels will start to move to the next pick. Calculator style keys including M+ and MR make the system very intuitive and easy to learn.

Our OPC software has several interface options allowing you to integrate host computer systems with the Kardex Remstar machines.  We offer several interface options that allow you to send move transactions to the equipment easily from your own system software, rather than trying to employ the Kardex Remstar interface protocol directly. We take the burden of managing the machines while your host is freed to send simple move and status command requests. Customers use this as a TXP (Transaction Processor) when they have their own inventory management system and need to interface and automate the carousels or shuttles.

Our software is easy to install and setup. We are sure you can install it using your own in-house IT department, and be up-and-running the same day!  There is no need to hire us to send an expensive IT expert to your facility when you likely can install our software yourself, or you already have the expertise in-house.  We kept it very simple, and can even offer custom interface cables between the PC and the Remstar machines to make it even easier.

The software directly drives our entire range of machine controllers, as well as those from the Kardex Remstar® brand including MP3000, T85, T88, C2000 and C3000. This driver set supports their T2, T3, OP2000, and OP3000 keypad families. Other drivers are presently under construction so please check with us if you have a specific requirement.

A flexible grid system allows you to mix and match storage containers on the trays or carriers, as shown in the example above.  Graphic placement makes it easy for the operator to define the location where they want to store the parts, and a 'Fetch Carrier' button drives the carousel or Shuttle to the associated position for physical verification.  

A system parameter allows two methods of operating, either one or multiple parts can occupy the same locations.  If position indicator lamps are installed on the machine, they are automatically illuminated to direct the operator easily to the proper storage location.  Soon, we will be releasing a version that supports the TIC light display system (see PICK LIGHT tab at top of screen for more information).

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